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Ad’s Posting Job
Part Time & Full Time Online Job

Rs.5/ Ads Posting

a) Click Data entry in menu bar it will redirect to your working panel.
b) In working panel you will see subject and message. You want to copy that content and paste it in the
3rd party website link provided by admin in your panel.
c) After posting the ads in 3rd party website you want to copy the link from address bar of the ads
display-ing page and then paste it in your panel and then press submit.
d) Your account is calculated below.
e) If the 3rd party website link is not available type error in url submission field. For error submission
records will be rejected. You will not get any money for rejected record.
f) For properly posted ads only activated by admin. For activated records only you will get payment
g) Per activated record you will get Rs.5/- If the record is not activated you want to wait until activation.
h) If the given subject, message, 3rd party website link, your ads posted link are not same your record
will be rejected.
i) The ads should post in 3rd party website that given by admin. If you post ads in any other website
that record will be rejected.
j) 2nd party accepts that no dispute shall be entertained regarding Q.C (quality checking)
k) 1st party is not responsible for non working of third party website and website changes

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